Adaptive Envelope

I bring to your attention a dynamic indicator Adaptive Envelope.

The main qualitative characteristic of the technical indicator is adaptability. This means that it does not need to be adjusted for each tool. The adaptive envelope itself dynamically adjusts to the volatility of each individual instrument, or even timeframe.

And thanks to a wide range of settings, the indicator can be adjusted to your needs. Let's consider an example of the use of the indicator in trading.

Option #1. The envelope shows the "stretch" of the market - that is, the price of the asset beyond normal volatility . And it is at such moments that the probability of returning to the average is highest. That is, for such a signal, we wait for the exit to the moving average, and when returning with a stop order, we enter the averaging direction.

Option #2. Another option for trading is to buy at the lower level, as well as additional purchases along the lines of the envelope . Exit - on the middle line of the envelope (for shorts on the contrary) - so we have a full adaptability of the strategy. I repeat that due to adaptability, there will be no need to reconfigure when changing market characteristics.

Thank you for attention. Sincerely, Oleksandr Yanchak. Capitalizator. UA


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