Impactful pattern and candles pattern Alert

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The Alertion indicator!
impactful pattern:
pattern that happen near the zone or in the zone at lower timeframe and give us entry and stop limit price.
It is helpful for price action traders and those who want to decrease their risk.
There are 3 IP patterns:

Head and shoulder

whipsaw engulfing

These patterns may occur near the zone or may not occur but by them, you can decrease your trading risk for example you can
trade with half lot before IP pattern and enter with other half after pattern.

how to use?
for example:
you find zone at 1h timeframe for short position
when price enter to your zone
you run this indicator and choose your lower timeframe, for example 15m and click on short position.
Then make the alert by right-click on your chart and choose the add alert and at condition box choose the impactful pattern and then click on create
now wait for message :)

Candles pattern:
like reversal bar, key reversal bar, exhaustion bar, pin bar , two-bar reversal, tree-bar reversal, inside bar , outside bar
these occur when the trend turn, so it is usable when the price enter to your zone or near your zone.
This pattern can decrease your risk.

Inside bar and outside bar:
if this pattern engulf up, it is bullish pattern and if engulf down, it is bearish pattern .

what does this indicator do?
this indicator is for making alert
it helps you to decrease your risk and failure.
You optimize it to alert you when IP pattern happen or candle pattern happen or inside bar or outside bar engulfing or all of them.
For IP pattern, it will message you entry and stop limit price.
It works at 2 different timeframes, so you can make alert for example in 1h TF for candles pattern and 15m TF for IP pattern.
Indicator will alert you for candles pattern at your chart timeframe and for IP pattern at timeframe you've chosen when you run the indicator, and it is changeable
in setting.

setting options
IP: select the timeframe for IP patterns it means when IP pattern happen at that timeframe the indicator will alert you
example = your TF is 1h, you found the supply zone and want to trade, note that IP pattern happen in lower TF, so you select 15m TF or TF lower than 1h.
Short position: select it if you want to make short position.

indicator send you entry and stop limit price
you can change it by amount of percent
it is your strategy to change your entry and stop loss or not
example= in head and shoulder pattern at short position, the stop limit is high price of head in pattern
so the indicator will message you the exact price but if you want to put
your stop limit 5 percent upper than exact price you can enter 5 in front of stop loss
or you want to enter 5 percent lower than exact high price of shoulder, you can optimize it.

you choose what alert you want
IP alert or candle alert or inside and outside bar alert

type your text for alert
you can write additional text for your message

IP alert frequency option:
1. Once per bar : indicator will alert you for IP pattern once at your chat timeframe bar, and you should wait til next bar for next alert.
2. Once per bar close : alert you when your chart timeframe bar closed and next alert will happen when next bar is closed.
3. All: alert you all the times IP pattern happen

pivot left and right bars: lower will find smaller pattern

at the END:
this indicator is not strategy
it is part of your strategy that help you to increase your winning rate.
It is helpful for scalping and candle patterns finding.
After you make an alert, you can delete the indicator or change your timeframe or make another alert, your previous alert won’t change.

Thank you all.

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