BEST USA Bank Holidays Helper

Hello traders

This is a quick helper displaying the US bank holidays labels 1 day before the actual bank holiday date
Useful to be reminded when it's better to not trade as the big "whales" aren't trading either - and are probably drinking cocktails on their yachts in the Caribbeans island

This is my way of saying that, the days where the USA are off, the derivatives like indices aren't likely to give big opportunities
Of course, big move might happen but statistically, we're better off going to the Caribbeans islands as well (or preparing for the next trading day)


The indicator displays in fuschia (never knew how to write that word properly without checking google first...) the 2019 US bank holidays

Best regards and enjoy your cocktails today :)


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I understand this codes shows the bar line a day before the set date. But is there a way that we can plot a certain date in the future that is visible now? Say I wanted to plot Christmas next year today..is that possible?
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Daveatt FaizNor
@FaizNor, I think this should be possible yesss
You should try it out by updating one of the dates from this script with the Christmas date next year :)
FaizNor Daveatt
@Daveatt, I did but it didn't show up on the chart. I've searched everywhere on trying to plot future dates but couldn't find anything. Looks like TV lets you plot dates scripts up to current date. :(