MA cross strategy

This strategy uses simple moving average cross for entry signals, but it can be customized with 3 cases:
1- exit at take profit and stop loss;
2- exit when distance between close and moving average is above a user defined minimum;
3- use Renko candles to calculate the moving average without changing the graph candles.

The third case is the one with better results, but for non-pro users can be used only with daily time frame.
Look at profit factor and percent of winning trades.
You can test also on your favorite pair, but most important is setting correct brick size.

At request, I could share also a screener with alarms for finding which symbol statisfy entry rules.

Please use comment section for any feedback.

********************************** IMPORTANT*******************************
I have developed an expert advisor for metatrader4 (MT4): results of expert advisor form 2015-01-01 to today are very good with low drawdown and good profit.
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Hey. can I ask you to show the strategy code? I don’t understand how the signal for transactions on these lines occurs ... because the signals occur in fragments, in a series ...
I can't change the renko brick size to under 1 with this script
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