DepthHouse Relative Momentum Range Grid [RMRO]

DepthHouse RMRO Grid is based on multiple time frame signals from the RMRO Oscilator.
I also brought back one of the oringial features from the previously version of RMRO which is the dynamic support and resistance levels.

The grid in the background represents the signals that the RMRO oscillator would give on up to 4 times frames.
The highest of which is the top.

Based on the colors above:
Green: Strong Bullish Movement
Blue: Bullish Movement with possible consolidation or reversal
Red: Strong Bearish Movement
Light Red: Bearish Movement with possible consolidation or reversal
White: In a decision zone.

The band between represents the price between dynamic support and resistance levels.
This setting is adjustable by the "Multi Factor" and will greatly alter the results of the band.

My preferred settings shown above are:
Source: hl2 //adjusts sounce for calcuations
Length: 13 // base calculation length
Signal: 13 // adjusts potential consolidation/reversal zones
Multi Factor: 350 // adjusts S/R levels for center band
Shifted-Breakout: 7 // adjusts the grid signal timing
TF1: 5
TF2: 15
TF3: 60
TF4: 120

How to get:
As of May 1st this will be available via subscription on my website. Until then just leave a comment!

If you would like a free trial, please visit my website, leave a comment on here, or feel free to send me a PM


RMRO Oscillator:
  • Slight adjustment to base calculations
  • Added the ability to adjust the multiplication factor for the grid.
Increasing this value may decrease the number of false signals.

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