Vortex Range Breakout System

This is a Vortex Based Visual System,
Which can help you identify the Vortex Crosses based Range Breakouts/ Breakdown, over the price Scale,

How its made ?
The vortex Crosses are projected over the Price
on Same Time frame {Green and Red Filled area}
-> green Area means : Vortex Crossover Range
-> red Area means : Vortex Crossunder Range

and on Higher Timeframe
Vortex Cross Levels are Plotted, which you see as :
Blue and Orange Lines

Default Configs
Vortex Period is 14
Higher Timeframe Option is set to 60 mins
You can change the Higher timeframe to any minutes which suits your need
Also If you want to change the Higher Timeframe in Days
just know
1D = 24*60 min, = 1140mins


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