Regular Trading Hour Sessions for America, Asia and EU

This trading view script is a simple one but I find it very helpful in spotting changes in trend of FX.

The basic idea is to create a visual direction from the previous session to the next new session.

The concept while basic provides visual trend direction and changes as session change.

The three sessions are:

1. Asia from 2130-0400
2. Europe from 0300-1130
3. America from 0930-1600

When you use a line chart you will see the default line when no sessions are active.

Features I plan to add
* Tracking delta of each session
* Moving Averages of each session
* Momentum of each session
* Delta difference

My ultimate goal for this script will be to provide a way to visualize the impact of each session and provide data to buy/sell triggers for Trading Strategies.

Please provide feedback and if you use the script or add a feature please update me or send me the feature to add to the script.


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