GBTT Premarket Fib Zones


This is a daily pre market fib tool. Basically, it looks at your premarket price action and generates a set of fibs. From there, it cross references bearish vs bullish fibs, creates a bear and bull zone to watch for during the day. Finally it draws associated fib levels in each direction are plotted/shaded to represent possible price levels for the day.

The lines will redraw/update every day at open, 930 est and then be there on the chart all day until the following open. These zones are meant to be a reference point for the current trading day only.

Intended use:

To provide educational content about the short term movement of an asset. Can be used on any time frame. But remember, it updates at 930 at open for each day and is only applicable to the current trading day.


NOT intended to be a sole source of Technical Analysis or anything more than an educational tool!
發布通知: fixed UI
發布通知: fix bull zone label so it reads better
發布通知: Added option to auto delete the lines at premarket open on the next day. If you find it annoying or confusing that the previous zones are still showing up from the day before, you can check this option.
發布通知: set fill on all the zones to white once they expire from the previous day to prevent confusion in premarket next day
發布通知: added opening price line for reference
發布通知: Logic update...
發布通知: Updated with Tweaks based on Arcane Society collaboration.
發布通知: Couple UI changes
發布通知: fix ui bug with inactive zone shading
發布通知: Update to UI to fix label placement.
發布通知: added neutral zone area, updated label text
發布通知: Added support for ES and NQ charts, builds off the Extended Hours price movements and creates the data to be used during Regular trading hours only (basically the same way it works for stocks)
發布通知: Added price values to the bull, bear, neutral zone lines
發布通知: minor updates, tweaked display name
發布通知: updated UI, added 3x 4x fib extensions, added Auto Hide feature to only show relevant levels (beta feature)
發布通知: added support for all futures contracts...
發布通知: fix label display

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