Typical Sweeps: Pivot high/low boxes. Grade sweeps, Handles/Pips

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Tool to show typical pip-grade/ handle-grade sweep distance above pivot highs and pivot lows

-In consolidation/ranging periods (i.e. most of the time); Highs/Lows may by swept by fairly consistent distances in typical stop raids.
-Idea is from ICT teaching on typical Pip-grade sweeps in FX (10,20,30pips). Designed to work on FX, Indices, Commodities, Bitcoin.
-Above chart shows S&P; sweeping below and then above by 5 handles.

~choose sweep distance handles ($) or pips: will auto-calculate depending on the asset: FX= pips; Indices/stocks/commodities = handles ($)
--(2,5,10,20,30,50,100, 500, 1000)
~choose pivot lookback: larger number for more significant swing highs/lows
~choose number of historical boxes to display
~toggle on/off Pivot high boxes and Pivot low boxes independently
~extend boxes fully to the right (default is not extend)
~toggle on/off text
~text & box formatting options

Bitcoin, hourly chart; Pivot lookback = 15; $100 sweep boxes:

Eur/Usd; 15m chart; Pivot lookback = 30; 10pip sweep boxes; Boxes extended fully to the right:
-note the above 2 demo charts titles are mistakenly switched around
-Update: added optional price labels marking price at the extent of the chosen sweep box (default is toggled off)
-added box width input; added box border color option
-Added Alert conditions: Need to be manually set from indicator status line. Alert will always trigger to the latest freshly painted box. Alert level based on the indicator settings at the time of setting the alert.
-Added optional 'spikeyness' filter for Pivot highs/lows (default off): Use to filter-out smooth/unimpressive/weak pivot high&lows. Higher number for more spikey / less-rounded pivot highs & lows.
-Added Sweep spacings for use in Bond market too.
-added box height = zero option; for Alert condition where you simply want to get alert when pivot high/low is touched or peeped through
-added independent 'leftbars' and 'rightbars' for finding pivots; reduce 'rightbars' to confirm pivots faster, but at the cost of potentially less significant pivots
-Added 'Wait one bar' condition to avoid repainting; Default is toggled ON.

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