Up & Down Trend following trading strategy for BTC/USDT 3h

This strategy is based on multi time frame technical indicators such as;

1. RSI (10,50,100)
2. MFI (10,50,100)
3. RVI (10,50,100)
4. BOP (10,50,100)
5. Super Trend
6. SAR indicator
7. Higher highs and lower lows
8. SMA (9,500)
9. EMA (9,200)

After evaluating different parameters provided by those indicators, script is in a possition to determine optimul positions to enter in to market as well as exit from the market. In some cases stratergy will exit fully or partially depends on the situation. Other than that, this strategy is in a possition to calculate and specify the quantity you need to buy or sell depending on market situation. You can specify amount available for investment and how many times you are going to average (if downtrend). Parameters are optimised to BTC /USDT, 3h standerd candlestic chart.



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