Multiple EMA

An exponentially weighted moving average reacts more significantly to recent price changes than a simple moving average ( SMA ), which applies an equal weight to all observations in the period.

Here, i have merged multiple EMA into one indicator. traders would find it very convenient as multiple widely used EMA`s are merged into 1 indicator. one can also change the time and color from its settings as per their convenience.

About the practicality of this EMA`s:
Every EMA suggests the sentiments in a period of time.

The longer-day EMAs (i.e. 50 and 200-day ) tend to be used more by long-term investors, while short-term investors tend to use 8 and 20 day EMAs.

One may prefer to short or to hedge their position when 200 day moving average is broken downside. vise-versa for long. Normally in one may expect around 2-3% move on either side when broken with volumes supporting it.

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