Volume Bar Breakout and Breakdown Indicator

Volume shows strength of a movement and highest volume shows the region that pushed price to certain extent with full strength. Breakout or Breakout of the highest volume bar range shows continuity further push by sellers or buyers indicating a trend continuation for a small period if not for long duration. Entries can be taken once signal is generated with stoploss as recommended.

  • Don't trade if range is too large
  • Don't trade if Breakdown or Breakdown candle body / range is too large or if there is high volatility
  • Use additional indicator to get the idea of overall trend analysis

發布通知: Additional guidelines
  • Avoid taking trade in case of large range. Wait for the smaller range to increase Risk : Reward ratio
  • In case of big range, wait for the retesting of breakout/breakdown
發布通知: Added bar state confirmation to ensure that signal comes after the bar is close.
發布通知: Refined criteria on relative volume checks.
發布通知: Added healthy bearish/bullish bar criteria
發布通知: Lookup value change minimum to 5 min


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