Binance CHOP Dashboard by Kzi

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Here is a Dashboard to find the opportunuty of bigs moves with 20 pairs.

The Dashboard is too big for the phone view. I thinks we can use it only on computer view.

How it's work ?

I look for the CHOP on Weekly and Daily time frame
The CHOP give the "tension" of the pair.
So i look for the biggest "tension" to take the "big mooves"

I look for the align tension between weekly and daily
The CHOP can be 0 to 100 , the result is:
(Weeky CHOP x Daily CHOP) = 0 to 10 000
To make the result easy to read, i divide so that the "note" is between 0 and 10.
If you have more than 3 /10 = RED => HOT Opporunity for big mooves
If you have less than 1/10 = BLUE => COLD opporunity

Thanks for your comment,


The code is well.
But i think there is an opportunity to do it better with some for loop.
Is some of you do it, please let's me know.

發布通知: Just a small change on a pair because Luna ending so that the dashboard canot load without changing the pair in the parameters.

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