ICT Killzone Session

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It is a useful tool for identifying the London and New York open and close sessions, as well as the Asian range on the chart.
The appearance of the "killzones" can be customized by selecting colors and transparencies for each session.
Boxes can also be displayed around each session and labels with additional information can be added.
This script is compatible with intraday charts and time multipliers up to 60 minutes. It was created by Jeaw and is based on the ideas of the ICT methodology.
This script can help traders avoid entering the market during high impact news events and periods of low liquidity.
By identifying these potentially volatile times, traders can better manage their risk and improve their overall trading strategy.

London Open Killzone : 07:00 - 10:00
New York Open Killzone : 12:00 - 15:00
Asian Range : 15:00-17:00
London Close Killzone : 00:00-06:00
Add NY Midnight Open and NY 8:30 Open
Enable/disable NWOG; color settings; amount of NWOG shown (max 50).
Enable/disable NDOG    ; color settings; amount of NDOG     shown (max 50).
Add 2 Type of Silver Bullet Time
  • The London Open Silver Bullet (3 AM — 4 AM ~ 03:00 — 04:00)
  • The AM Session Silver Bullet (10 AM — 11 AM ~ 10:00 — 11:00)
Add D/W/M open feature
Here are some additional info about the drawing behavior:
  1. Daily open is shown only on intraday timeframes
  2. Weekly open is shown only on timeframes < weekly
  3. Monthly open is shown only on timeframes < monthly
Fix asian ranage box invalid after modifying the time
Add New Silver Bullet Time :
  • The PM Session Silver Bullet (2 PM — 3 PM ~ 14:00 — 15:00)
Update ICT killzone time :

  • New York Killzone (7:9 ET)
  • London Open Killzone (2:5 ET)
  • London Close Killzone (10:12 ET)
  • Asian Killzone (20:00 ET)

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