[astropark] ALGO Trading V2 [strategy]

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today another awesome Swing and Scalping Trading Strategy indicator, runnable on a bot, which works great on many timeframes (ones between 1h and 1D are suggested, but just write me in order to help you find correct settings).
It must be said that this strategy works even better on 1m Renko chart!

If you are a scalper or you are a swing trader, you will love suggested entries for fast and long-lasting profit.
Keep in mind that a proper trailing stop strategy and risk management and money management strategies are very important ( DM me if you need any clarification on these points).

This is not an evolution of "ALGO Trading V1" or "ALGO Trading V3", but a twin sister of them. Search them on TradingView to know them better.
Here you can find ALGO Trading V1

This strategy has the following options:
  • enable/disable signals on chart
  • enable/disable bars and background coloring based on trend
  • enable/disable a "filter noise" option, which try to reduce overtrading (you can easily check it on backtesting)
  • enable/disable a Take Profit / Stop Loss option (you can easily check it on backtesting too)
  • enable/disable a secret SmartOption which may improve profit on your chart (again, check it on you chart if it helps or not)

This strategy only trigger 1 buy or 1 sell. If you enable Take Profit / Stop Loss option, consider that many TP can be triggered before trend reversal, so take partial profit on every TP an eventually buy/sell back lower/higher to maximize your profit.
In order to get notified when a signal is triggered, you need to use the "alarms" version of this indicator (just search for astropark's "ALGO Trading V2" indicator and choose the one with "alarms" suffix).

Strategy results are calculated on the time window from January 2019 to now, so on more than 1 year, using 1000$ as initial capital and working at 1x leverage (so no leverage at all! If you like to use leverage, be sure to use a safe option, like 3x or 5x at most in order to have liquidation price very far).
This is not the "Holy Grail", so use a proper risk management strategy.

This script will let you backtest how the indicator will perform on any chart and timeframe you may like to test and/or trade. Of course results will be very different depending on the chart and timeframe you will open. I tested a lot of charts and always you can find a combination that keep this strategy in profit on swing trading style (and this means that if you can have a daily look at the chart you can always manage to maximize your profit on each trade!)

This is a premium indicator, so send me a private message in order to get access to this script.

僅限作者授權的用戶訪問此腳本,並且通常需要付費。您可以將其增加到常用腳本中,但是只有在向作者請求並獲得許可之後,才能使用它。 請與astropark聯繫以獲取更多資訊,或按照以下作者的說明進行操作。




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