Volume CVD and Open Interest

Volume, Cumulative Delta Volume and Open Interest are great indications of strength and sentiment in the market. Until now they have required separate indicators, but this indicator can show them all.

With a clean and aesthetic plot, this indicator has the option to choose the data source:
- Volume - the total volume of transactions, buys and sells
- Up Volume - the total volume from buys only
- Down Volume - the total volume from sells only
- Up/Down Volume (Net) - the difference in the Buy Volume and Sell Volume
- Cumulative Delta - the sum of the up/down volume for the previous 14 bars
- Cumulative Delta EMA - a smoothed average of the sum of the up/down volume for the previous 14 bars, over a 14 period EMA
- Open Interest - a user defined ticker, whose value is added to the plot, while this is designed to be used with Open Interest tickers, you can actually choose any ticker you want, perhaps you want to see DXY while charting Bitcoin!

There are several customization features for the colour of the plot, with a nice gradient colouring from high to low. You can choose the lookback which defines only the highest and lowest values for the colour gradient. There is also an option for how the Open Interest value is determined, based on Close, Open or differences between previous values.

While similar, Volume and Open Interest are not the same. To me the simplest explanation is Volume shows the trades that have been executed and the buy/sell direction, while Open Interest shows the value of open trades that are yet to be completed.

Volume shows strength, sentiment and volatility.

Open Interest does not show direction, but does indicate momentum and liquidity in the market.

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