True Median (With EMA)

This indicator was inspired by the concept of mean revision and is best to be used with that strategy in mind. True median takes the high and low within a determined length and finds the average between those two points and then plots an EMA for the median with an optional EMA for both the high and low.


This indicator has a few uses it can be implemented with.
The first and most obvious is that it can act as an area of support and resistance within bigger and smaller time frames. Second, the median can act as an entry or exit point, as generally big movements will occur within the mediums of price points. EMA crossovers are also a way to use this indicator, if the median, high, or low cross over their EMA, that can act as a signal for price movement and continuation of a pre existing trend. Of course this is also a good indicator of volatility, as the wider the channels are between high and low the more volatile things are becoming.

I hope you enjoy and let me know how this indicator works for you!


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