Quantum Vector Alerts

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Its the part 2 of Multiple Indicators 50EMA Cross Alerts.

Its more suitable for the seconds chart. Beside, you can use it in higher timeframe.

The input bars length is the sample size that the code will use to trigger all alert. 20 mean 20 bar after the current candle.

When you activate volume alert you can select an amount of volume that when volume cross it you will be notified. The volume of every bar is displayed in the screener below volume.

In the section percentage vector counting the script do the sum of the red vector and green vector and give a ratio. In bullish vector count percentage for alert, you can select the percentage difference that you want to receive an alert. If your sample have 3 red vectors and 7 green vectors you will receive an alert saying that there is an imbalance of 70% showing more green vectors.

You can select a variant of percentage vector. The variant will do a summation of volume. If 1 vector candle is the size of the 3 other vector, they will have the same ponderation.

Normal alert counting count the number of vectors in the bars length. You can count the red and green candle only or add the blue and violet.

Bullish vector count will show a notification when the number of green candle will appear on the chart in the selected length. The same process is valid for bearish vector count. For example, if you want 3 bullish candle in 20 bar. You select bars length 20 and bullish vector count 3.

These alerts are suitable to the hybrid system. Thanks to our teacher Trader Reality and to all the member that contribute to this great discord community.
I added 200 and 800 sample size.

You can change the sample to lower number. 10 25 50 could be a good fit.

You can also open a window on the 5 sec chart and on the 1 min timeframe to have a view on the small picture and the bigger one.

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