Liquidity-Finder ICT / SMC

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In the context of ICT and the Smart Money Concept, liquidity is likely viewed as a crucial factor for determining the strength and sustainability of a market move. Smart Money is often associated with large institutional traders who have the ability to influence liquidity.
Liquidity Sweep:

A liquidity sweep in this context might involve Smart Money intentionally executing trades across various price levels to assess market depth and liquidity. This information can be used to identify potential areas of interest for Smart Money to initiate or exit positions without causing significant price disruptions.
Stop Hunt:

Stop hunting is a concept that Smart Money traders may employ to deliberately trigger stop orders in the market. By doing so, they can create temporary price movements that allow them to accumulate or liquidate positions at more favorable prices before the market reacts.
Smart Money Concept (SMC):

The Smart Money Concept revolves around the idea that large institutional traders (Smart Money) have superior information and resources compared to retail traders. Understanding the behavior of Smart Money, as taught in ICT and SMC, involves analyzing market dynamics, order flow, and liquidity to make more informed trading decisions.

Liquidating refers to the process of selling or closing out existing positions. In the context of Smart Money, the term could imply that institutional traders are actively managing their positions, either taking profits or cutting losses strategically based on their analysis of market conditions.

The Indicator
  • The Indicator show open liquidity as solid lines and liquidates liquidity as dashed lines
  • Is able to send alerts for liquidity level was liquidated, liquidity level was dipped or the next close is on the other side
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