Multi Timeframe RSI Buy Sell Strategy [TradeDots]

The "Multi Timeframe RSI Buy/Sell Strategy" is a trading strategy that utilizes Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicators from multiple timeframes to provide buy and sell signals.

This strategy allows for extensive customization, supporting up to three distinct RSIs, each configurable with its own timeframe, length, and data source.


This strategy integrates up to three RSIs, each selectable from different timeframes and customizable in terms of length and source. Users have the flexibility to define the number of active RSIs. These selections visualize as plotted lines on the chart, enhancing interpretability.

Users can also manage the moving average of the selected RSI lines. When multiple RSIs are active, the moving average is calculated based on these active lines' average value.

The color intensity of the moving average line changes as it approaches predefined buying or selling thresholds, alerting users to potential signal generation.

A buy or sell signal is generated when all active RSI lines simultaneously cross their respective threshold lines. Concurrently, a label will appear on the chart to signify the order placement.

For those preferring not to display order information or activate the strategy, an "Enable backtest" option is provided in the settings for toggling activation.


The strategy leverages multiple RSIs to detect extreme market conditions across various timeframes without the need for manual timeframe switching.

This feature is invaluable for identifying divergences across timeframes, such as detecting potential short-term reversals within broader trends, thereby aiding traders in making better trading decisions and potentially avoiding losses.


Commission: 0.01%
Initial Capital: $10,000
Equity per Trade: 60%


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