(CD|RS) Caruso Divergence Relative Strength

Caruso Divergence Relative Strength (CD|RS) helps an investor to identify when a security does not make a lower low vs a benchmark. The standard application is to compare a stock to the S&P 500 (SPX). If the SPX makes a lower low and the stock does not, it displays significant Relative Strength.

This indicator allows you to select both your benchmark for comparing against as well as how far back to make the analysis by selecting the pivot lookback (how many prior ‘pivots’ or ‘market lows’ back to compare against).
Divergences can appear when markets are weak, and they make lower lows, but they can also appear in uptrends as stocks and indexes make higher highs. CD|RS also identifies when RS takes place “On Strength.” If the security and its benchmark both decline but the security can make new highs above its prior peak before the benchmark, it is once again displaying relative strength. Therefore CD|RS is helpful in finding Divergence Relative Strength in both up and down trends.

CD|RS works on any timeframe.

CD|RS has an accompanying indicator called CD|RS Signal which helps display the divergence in a different format and can be placed in a separate pane if the user wishes to keep the price chart clean.

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