RSI with Slow and Fast MA Crossing Strategy (by Coinrule)

This strategy utilises 3 different conditions that have to be met to buy and 1 condition to sell. This strategy works best on the ETH/USDT pair on the 4-hour timescale.

In order for the strategy to enter the trade, it must meet all of the conditions listed below:

RSI increases by 5
RSI is lower than 70
MA9 crosses above MA50

To exit a trade, the below condition must be met:

MA50 crosses above MA9

This strategy works well on LINK/USDT on the 1-day timeframe, MIOTA/USDT on the 2-hour timeframe, BTC /USDT on the 4-hour timeframe, and BEST/USDT on the 1-day timeframe (and 4h).

Back-tested from 1 January 2020.

The strategy assumes each order is using 30% of the available coins to make the results more realistic and to simulate you only ran this strategy on 30% of your holdings. A trading fee of 0.1% is also taken into account and is aligned to the base fee applied on Binance.


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