Profit Maximizer - PMax Explorer STRATEGY & SCREENER screens the BUY and SELL signals (trend reversals) for 20 user defined different tickers in Tradingview charts.

Simply input the name of the ticker in Tradingview that you want to screen.

Terminology explanation:
Confirmed Reversal: PMax reversal that happened in the last bar and cannot be repainted.
Potential Reversal: PMax reversal that might happen in the current bar but can also not happen depending upon the timeframe closing price.
Downtrend: Tickers that are currently in the sell zone
Uptrend: Tickers that are currently in the buy zone

Screener has also got a built in PMax indicator which users can confirm the reversals on graphs.

Screener explores the 20 tickers in current graph's time frame and also in desired parameters of the SuperTrend indicator.

Also you can optimize the parameters manually with the built in STRATEGY version.

PMax indicator :

Profit Maximizer - PMax is a brand new indicator developed by me.

It's a combination of two trailing stop loss indicators;
One is Anıl Özekşi's MOST (Moving Stop Loss) Indicator

and the other one is well known ATR based SuperTrend

Profit Maximizer - PMax tries to solve this problem. PMax combines the powerful sides of MOST (Moving Average Trend Changer) and SuperTrend (ATR price detection) in one indicator.

Backtest and optimization results of PMax are far better when compared to its ancestors MOST and SuperTrend. It reduces the number of false signals in sideways and give more reliable trade signals.

PMax is easy to determine the trend and can be used in any type of markets and instruments. It does not repaint.

The first parameter in the PMax indicator set by the three parameters is the period/length of ATR.

The second Parameter is the Multiplier of ATR which would be useful to set the value of distance from the built in Moving Average.

I personally think the most important parameter is the Moving Average Length and type.

PMax will be much sensitive to trend movements if Moving Average Length is smaller. And vice versa, will be less sensitive when it is longer.

As the period increases it will become less sensitive to little trends and price actions.

In this way, your choice of period, will be closely related to which of the sort of trends you are interested in.

We are under the effect of the uptrend in cases where the Moving Average is above PMax;
conversely under the influence of a downward trend, when the Moving Average is below PMax.

Built in Moving Average type defaultly set as EMA but users can choose from 8 different Moving Average types like:

SMA : Simple Moving Average
EMA : Exponential Movin Average
WMA : Weighted Moving Average
TMA : Triangular Moving Average
VAR : Variable Index Dynamic Moving Average aka VIDYA
WWMA : Welles Wilder's Moving Average
ZLEMA : Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average
TSF : True Strength Force

Tip: In sideways VAR would be a good choice

You can use PMax default alarms and Buy Sell signals like:

BUY when Moving Average crosses above PMax
SELL when Moving Average crosses under PMax

BUY when prices jumps over PMax line.
SELL when prices go under PMax line.
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Twitter: @kivancozbilgic


thank you sir for your gift,

would you mind to add english subs in your yutub channel sir, it was great to learn from you
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KivancOzbilgic longterminvesment
@longterminvesment, it really takes long time to do but i will try my best
+5 回覆
KivancOzbilgic KivancOzbilgic
@KivancOzbilgic, English subtitles Added in PMax video on YouTube
+1 回覆
This publication is now featured in our Editors' Picks. In the name of all TradingView traders, thank you for your valuable contribution to the TradingView community, and congrats!
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KivancOzbilgic PineCoders
@PineCoders, Thank you very much for your kind words and support. It's an honour to be picked.
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20 farklı enstrümana kadar tarama yapılabilen ve manuel backtest ve optimizasyon için kullanılabilecek PMax - Profit Maximizer indikatörüne ait

PMax Explorer STRATEGY & SCREENER modülüdür.

Açıklamaları YouTube kanalımda videolu anlatımda yakında yayında olacak.
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emirdemirim KivancOzbilgic
@KivancOzbilgic, Emeğinize sağlık hocam çok teşekkürler
KivancOzbilgic KivancOzbilgic
@KivancOzbilgic, Youtube videosu yayında...
Hello @KivancOzbilgic
It’s very accurate if used along with stochastic and awesome oscillator
Thnx for ur hard work really appreciate it
Best regards
+6 回覆
socalstew akhil2fast
@akhil2fast, Can you be a little more specific as to how you are using Stochastic and Awesome oscillator along with PMAX? Thanks!
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