Percentage Change Function

This is little code snippet can be copied and pasted into your own strategies and indicators to easily calculate some interesting percentage change levels within a given lookback period.

The function will return:
  • The price change from the start to the end of the period
  • The price change from the start of the period to the highest point within the period
  • The price change from the start of the period to the lowest point within the period

It was originally intended to be used in conjunction with other scripts to assist with decision making. However, it doesn't look too bad as an indicator and so plots have been added.

For more information regarding the code, some commentary and free tutorials, you can visit the Bactest-Rookies (.com) website.
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Is there a way to loop three seperate lookback periods? say 5 10 20?

'inp_lkb = input(5,10,20 title='Lookback Periods')
for each(Lookback_Periods =>

and then maybe some logic to determine if price is narrowing or expanding to open a window for a trade?

BacktestRookies JustTheCharts
Hi @JustTheCharts,
Yes - you could just have three separate inputs and call the function 3 times. An input() cannot return a list as far as I am aware, so you would need 3 separate ones.
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JustTheCharts BacktestRookies
@BacktestRookies, Thank you... its a matter of time before im going to give in and pay you for what i need.
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