Basic Binance Premium Index

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A premium index indicator for Binance futures .

The premium index is based on the difference in price between the perpetual swap contract last price and the price of a volume weighted spot index.

Simply put: it shows you for each coin whether the spot market is trading higher than the Binance perpetual or not.

If future price is higher than spot in a rally, the rally isn't backed by real buys (spot) but by dumb perpetual longs which can indicate bearish PA. If spot price is higher than futures in a rally, the upside is backed by real money (spot) which can indicate bullish PA.

To calculate the premium, I simply took (futures_price/ vwap (spot_price)-1)*100

This version includes


You can display data as a smoothed moving average for improved readability.

This code is open source so feel free to use it in your scripts.
fixed typo on BNB, ADA, and Doge pairs so that the perp contracts were perp and not spot.
changed BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual futures pairs to their respective USDT trading pairs instead of USD trading pairs

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