Tradesense Premium

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Tradesense Premium

Tradesense Premium indicator offers a buy & sell signal that is based from our senior analyst who have more than 10years of experience in Forex, Stock and Crypto trading and made it possible by our pine script developers.

Our script can detect market volatility based on the price direction and the absolute value of exponential moving average are multiplied to specific numbers to get a different trading style such as Scalper, Swing Trader and Trend Follower. We also filtered out all the signals using a different known indicators such as RSI, ATR, and ADX, and the results will allow you to enter a trade before the big moves occur. We also included all the important indicator which appears in real-time to get a competitive advantage in any market environment.

If you are a trader for a long time you should know that there is no way to avoid risk in trading. Every single trade could, theoretically at least, end up a loser. That is why our script also provides automatic risk management system which can gives you the ability to know exactly where to take the profit and to stop.

  • Trading style preset options - Will allows you to get the signals the way you wanted depending on your trading style. Ex. Scalper, Swing Trader or a Trend follower.
  • Bar color - Our bar colors are based on the price actions which detects the weakness of the bar or if the bar is ranging.
  • Reversal Zone - This indicator would identify possible price reversal zones.
  • Support & Resistance - This indicator draw a line at the pivot point to show possible support and resistance area.
  • Target Profit indicator based on price actions - This indicator will gives you an option to reduce your position or go out of the trade before the reversal happens.
  • Target Profit / Stop Loss based on ATR - This indicator will gives you a simple but effective risk management system to protect your capital. The TP/SL is based from the ATR.
  • Alert System - We are giving you an options to customize your alerts.

Our mission is to provide systematic way to build your success.

Release notes: Tradesense Premium V1.1

✅Trading style preset options
✅Bar color
✅Reversal Zone
✅Support & Resistance
✅Target Profit indicator based on price actions
✅Target Profit / Stop Loss based on ATR
✅Alert System

❓Trading style
Currently we have 3 sets of preset options that the user can use.
Scalp - this preset is made for the trader that wants a quick in and out of the trade. The best timeframe to this is 1min to 5mins chart.
Swing - this preset is for the trader who can wait a little bit longer in a trade. The best timeframe to use is 15mins to 1hour chart.
Trend - this preset is made for the busy people that can hold a trade more than a day. The best timeframe to use is 4hours to 1day chart.

❓Bar color
This options will change the color of your bars to lessen the noise of your chart.
Green Color is a bullish indicator
Red Color is a bearish indicator
Orange Color will signify that the trend is weakening
Purple Color is a consolidation/ranging price action

❓Reversal Zone
From the name it self, once the price is already hit the Reversal Zone the price will more likely to reverse or will make a correction.

❓Support & Resistance
When this option is enabled, the support and resistance levels will show up.

❓Target Profit indicator based on price actions
When this option is enabled, you will see a "💰" which means it's time to take profit or reduce your positions.

❓Target Profit / Stop Loss based on ATR
Most of the trader uses ATR as a stop loss level. When this option is enabled, the indicator for Stop Loss and Take Profit will show up and the TP/SL levels can be changed by changing the ATR Multiplier (Default is 1.8).

❓Alert System
Function alert is added and the user can customize it the way they want it.
- Default ATR multiplier for TP/SL indicator based on ATR adjusted to 2 from 1.8


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