Buy/Sell EMA Crossover

The indicator identifies potential trading opportunities within the market. It is entirely based on the combination of exponential moving averages by drawing triangles on the chart that identify buy or sell signals combined with vertical bars that create areas of interest.

Specifically, when a buy signal occurs, the indicator draws a vertical bar with an azure background, indicating a possible buy area. Similarly, a sell signal is represented by a vertical bar with a fuchsia background, indicating a possible sell area.
These areas represent the main point of the indicator which uses exponential moving averages which, based on the direction of prices, identify the trend and color the background of the graph in order to visually highlight the predominant trend.

The green triangles above the bars of the chart suggest possible upside opportunities (good bullish entry points) when the 21 ema crosses the 200 ema.
While on the contrary the red triangles, 21 ema lower than the 200 ema, can indicate possible bearish trends (good bearish entry points).

While the white and purple triangles reveal moments of potential indecision or market change.
We can think of them as situations of uncertain trend in which it is possible to place a long or short order near some conditions that we are going to see.
The white triangles below, which are created when the 13 ema is higher than the 21 ema, indicate a possible bullish zone while the purple triangles above (13 ema lower than the 21) could suggest a bearish reflex

Colored lines represent moving averages blue = 200, 21= fuchsia and 13 = white. If the price is above the 200 period line then it could be a bullish opportunity, otherwise it could be a bearish one.

An interesting strategy to adopt is to evaluate, for example, the inputs near the vertical bars (azure - long) (fuchsia - short) when a white or purple triangle appears.
The more prominent green triangle indicates that the trend is going in a long direction.

On the contrary, the red (short) triangles are the opposite of the green ones and have the same importance as input logic.

The white triangle instead present more often inside the indicator identifies interesting buying areas of short duration, it is important to consider that the closer the triangles are to the vertical blue bars the stronger the entry signal.

Finally, the purple triangles are the short-term bearish trends whose entry near the fuchsia vertical bars defines a short.


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