Theft Indicator - Pip Gainer

  • What is our indicator?

Theft Indicator - Pip Gainer is one of our recent published scripts that shows price action on a certain period of time (We Use a modified version of ATR). We take pride in enabling trading to become easier for the experienced and the non-experienced traders around the globe. Buy & Sell alerts will be fired once a condition in our algo is met.

  • Does it Repaint?

Our indicator does NOT re-paint. Although while setting an alert it may pop up the repaint alert, please take into consideration that once a signal is fired on a "CLOSED BAR", our signal will never disappear, they do not repaint.

  • What Markets is it usable with?

This version is dedicated to FOREX markets, we encourage using it for low timeframes starting the 3 minute to the 15 minute timeframe. WE RECOMMEND USING THIS IN THE FOREX MARKET, ESPECIALLY WITH CURRENCY PAIRS.

  • How to use:

Simple plug and play it to your chart, in addition to a few other indicators we will recommend to you (we still have not published them yet), and this will confirm your trades. You can also connect TV alerts with a bot and let it run. Please be aware that SLIPPAGE time is important, If you run a bot on this indicator you HAVE to know that the buy/sell price will be on the bar AFTER the Candle close (For example: the BUY/SELL alert is on a candle, the buy/sell your bot or you will execute WILL be in the following candle depending on your trading system. We advise you to not leave the bot to trade on its own, you have to monitor and have a specific syntax that we will help you with creating according to your trading style.

  • How are the Buy/Sell Alerts fired?

We use the simple ATR ( Average True Range ) indicator. However we have modified the indicator to serve our trading system. Check below for a definition of what ATR is:

What is Average True Range - ATR?

The average true range (ATR) is a technical analysis indicator that measures market volatility by decomposing the entire range of an asset price for that period. Specifically, ATR is a measure of volatility introduced by market technician J. Welles Wilder Jr. The true range indicator is taken as the greatest of the following: current high less the current low; the absolute value of the current high less the previous close; and the absolute value of the current low less the previous close. The average true range is then a moving average, generally using 14 days, of the true ranges.

Why is our indicator special and different from the normal ATR indicators?

We have modified the mathematical equation and changed it slightly to give more accurate signals, we do not promise all trades are profitable, the use of this indicator is up to your own judgement and liability. We believe that we have an indicator like no other ATR.

P.S: This is not financial advice, we are just sharing our indicator that we know has good results, and it will take time for people in -ve profiles to recover losses and for the profiting to be more profitable. We use a specific trading method that only works with it

You can contact me for more information about the indicator, Goodluck :)

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