candle count

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small script for count bar count bar from open of day till end of day ...
in lower time its deleting candle count because of tradingview label limit 50
. bar counting it help me to teach trader bar by bar ...some of bar in all world chart are very important al brook sir book and his website he marked many imortant bar no

for reference al brook sir said about bar counting method
the highest probability trade was the one that I said. When bar 62 was happening, I said, “Traders are buying,” you know, “I’m buying, it’s going up,” right? So 62 is the highest probability trade, but that does not mean it’s the easiest trade. It just means the probability that we’re going to get some kind of a measured move out of 62 is very high, probably 70 percent.
thanks to stack overflow that code is ans there
in this script many people help me thanks to @HappyBaby86 and @Kjaerbye#7503
sorry my english is not native language is Hindi ..
v5 and max_labels _Count
input text color

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