AION - BULL move INC back to LINEAR market

I've noticed a couple coins that got hit with the recent Korean FUD and knocked out of their cycle are today having HUGE corrections to get back on track. AION looks to be ready to do the same. After getting knocked out of VERY linear trendlines AION appears to be going flat with big wicks, indicating a spring effect that should bring us back up to market expections. I'm buying in asap
評論: Forgot to mention, the 1, 2, 3 volume candles on this coin are sequentially larger which is a HUGE sign for not only bull market but also that it will climb over our current resistance line and make it the new support line soon.
評論: Also, the white lines 1-5 are where AION should be atm, but due to FUD was kicked off its course. I'm discounting this dip from effecting this graph as other coins have been able to recover back on track today like ADA, EOS, and XVG
評論: Check out the dip on Jan 1st. I like to think each graph has its own body language that repeats. It looks as though we're in the same sweeping dip as before. Very excited about AION right now
update please
roaken iamomeed
@iamomeed, We've flatlined. I sold after it didn't go back to trendlines. Waiting for volume to buy back
I made the same conclusion in my TA on AION/BTC. The fundamentals are also looking good, so it's a strong bullish for me.

Thanks for sharing!
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thanks. i listen and lost money
roaken koparal
@koparal, Me too! thankfully not much. I'm holding. It's a dip, they usually go up unless there's a retracement back to 0, which isn't gonna this structure. the real question is when and how high. hang in there man :)
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epsus koparal
@koparal, How can you be whining about loosing money 24h after buying? Markets cannot be predicted that precisely, and can never be predicted with total confidence.

What we do is evaluate the probability of an asset gaining a certain proportion of value in market in a certain amount of time. This TA is still totally valid regardless of the results we've seen in the first 24/48h.
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koparal epsus
@epsus, how did you define this valid? Could you tell me pls?
epsus koparal
@koparal, In regards to support, this is what I am seeing. We are still in safe and normal territory, and I would say it is actually a good time to buy-in that trade right now.

The way I see it, blue line is 1rst support and higher red line second. I would set stop lost .0004500 lower red line.

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epsus epsus
@epsus, I should also mention that fundamentals are in favor of bulls here, as we are awaiting announcements this week for testnet. Buy the rumors (now), sell the news (right after announcement if there are big movements)!
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koparal epsus
@epsus, first of all thanks. I am trying to learn. How did you arrange stop loss details? Could you give me an example?
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