AMD inside day after new high of a decade!

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Patience for AMD investors got paid off greatly as it just made a new high of a decade!
These days, these bullish ideas,from 10 followers to 1000 followers, first of all I would like to thank my family...........( ok stop it lol)

I still got some from 10.00 that was already taking profit several time and the trailing out below the 14.3 pivot.

Here is a good example about how to "add position with profit".
The main logic is ---> Take every trade as individual event!

I won't be affected by my 10.00 positions to think like --"only idiots will buy at this spot for me, buy low is much smarter bro!"
I'll be like--"hey here is an inside day after new high of a decade trade, it's exciting to participate the trend!!"

So it's a totally different trade from my original positions and they'll have different out ;

And I like this set-up here so much!
Of course, if it breaks to the downside before breaking to the upside, this trade doesn't exist anymore!

Let's see how it goes!


daily shooter! the trade remains available!
Broke to the downside~
It ends out to be two inside day breakdowns in a row!