AMP....something brewing?

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I dont know about the fundamentals for this coin, I just look at the chart and I get the feeling that something is brewing......

Strong rise in volume and about to break out after some days of steady rise.

Sep 21
評論: Seems to me that correction is finished in an ABC move, touching my targetbox. Should go up now

Sep 25
評論: Broke out and is making a very long bullflag, could jump up any moment
Any update? Seems even more primed? What do you think?
any update bro
Is this the awakening:-)?
I was too early in but that is my impulsive and rookie error:-). I think I see a falling wedge (?) now as bullish confirmation or maybe we will see a double-bottom shortly (?) and then hopefully moving up. MA10 is still above MA60 suggesting me that we will be having an uptrend. Your educational article on how to buy in breakouts is really helpful and now I understand that I should have been waiting for these bullish confirmations to develop. Thank you and I will search for similar patterns and try further.
any update on this trade?
Crypto_Ed AhsenRajab
@AhsenRajab, could bounce any moment
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How much the price I should to buy?
Thanks. I am now in - let's see. We have now a bullish candle in the 4H chart - this is hesitating around the MA 10 day line which crossed MA 60 day recently may confirming a trend reversal. I may be in a little bit early as Stoch RSI is just reverting and I see a resistance around 0.0000475 level. If that breaks and I feel it has good chance a good move upwards is expected:-). I am hoping in a good trade.
So we have to buy around 27-8 this month?
@KYG, I dont understand what you mean.... I never look at time
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