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BINANCE:ARNBTC   Aeron / Bitcoin
ARN had something about it that caught my eye. Specifically, it was the fact that Primary Wave 1 was 2500%+ in size! Once again setting the stage for a huge Wave 3. I have already entered this trade, and at the time of this post it should still be a valid entry. See targets below.

Weekly Charts Analysis: This chart is in its infancy. Not a whole lot to go off of and not enough to get anything off of the indicators either. Moving to the Daily charts .

Daily Charts Analysis: From this timeframe I see that the 1st Wave has completed and the 2nd wave is about halfway complete. There are 2 formations that I see. First being a cup, and the other is the handle. I read the descending wedge on the handle wrong, and fomo'd myself into the trade. I shouldn't have made that mistake, and I have to get better at that. I should have waited for the prices to fall some more, but I will live with the decision and hodl until the top of the 3 wave. I would have rather entered into the trade closer to 19500 instead of 32000. I put the target that low because the RSI indicator shows that ARN is still a bit overbought, there is a bull wick touching that same zone, plus that zone is also the 0.786 retracement fib. If I was not in the trade, I would keep an eye on it/set an alert and check the price movements to try to get as close to the entry price of 19500 as I could.

That cup is crisp and symmetrical!

4 Hour Chart Analysis: The falling wedge is clearly seen here. It would not surprise me if this pattern takes a few more days to finish, but once it does... Wave 3 will be NICE.

Target Entry: 19500 - 22000
Welcome to my journal of thoughts on trades and price movements. These are just ideas. This is NOT investment advice but rather a way for me to keep track of my trades and to record my thoughts and emotions on a trade to reflect on for the benefit of my psychology and charting for the future. You can follow me if you wish but please do your own due diligence when it comes to investing your own money.

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評論: ARN entering buy zone. Look for the best deal or price movement to enter trade.
評論: Thanks to BTC dropping in price, ARN has come down rather quickly into the buy zone. Watch the volume and momentum if you are trying to catch the support level to get in at the bottom! Stay alert and trade smart out there!
交易進行: ARN has begun to change directions and a breakout is in progress it appears! This is great to see despite the movement of BTC!
評論: The breakout is complete and confirmed! Wave 3 has begun as we are out of the falling wedge. I will be posting my target points (TP) soon!
評論: Here are my targets for ARN:
TP1 - 0.00038284
TP2 - 0.00045545
TP3 - 0.00052805
TP4 - 0.00063141
TP5 - 0.00076308 (Breaks ATH)
TP6 - 0.00114332
TP7 - 0.00148539
*** RULE #1 is never call the top of a coin. These are my initial target points and not all targets are hit. Keep your logic and emotions separate. You will have to determine where it is best for you to exit. ***
I always find it cool to see miniature versions of the fractals that reappear in charts. Another cup and handle has formed. Now we are awaiting the handle to finish in the 4 hr charts!
smartincomepaths smartincomepaths
Bitcoin's correction is influencing the price movement here. Once that is over, our projections should resume. BTC has a high probability to reach down and touch 7k-8k range for support and then head back up.
Good news came out today, catalyst will push the price. ARN showing value. Link:
Thanks for analysis.. What's the target points??
smartincomepaths GurhanErgun
Sorry for the delay @GurhanErgun. I have posted my targets. :)
GurhanErgun smartincomepaths
@smartincomepaths, Thanks bro :)
+1 回覆
GurhanErgun smartincomepaths
@smartincomepaths, Targets on the way. Arn start to run ;)
great charting ! Thanks!!
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Thanks @cjott41!
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this is brilliant... any update?? Thanks!!
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