AUDUSD Watch top

OANDA:AUDUSD   澳幣 / 美元
Hi fellows, We are bearish on this pair for longer term. The last wave we have seen on this pair is fading out. This pair can push for up for couple of more candles. Watch lower time frame for early sell.. In case price slightly push up then dont get panic this is a linger term trade setups. If you are looking for wave to the down side with tight stop then you might lose the trade. Give enough room to your trade so that your trade can turn in to profit. We are watching price action on lower time frame. Good Luck fellows.
評論: If you understand the price chart patterns then i hope you know how to look for price action when price come close to the area of interest. And if you dont please dont take risk on this trade.
評論: Watch this Wedge breakout with strong impulse.
評論: watch wedge breakout
評論: One more up wave is possible before going doing for big wave.
評論: Watch breakdown if do not breakdown then look for sell from top again.

Hi Sir,

Thank you for the alerte.
Hope every think goes as expected.

Kind regards
hi bro , nice trade ,, also we need power for US INDEX to control on sell direction ,,, good luck for all
yo have to be patient with this one but it will probably payout well
What is EAT for this pair to go to 0.7510 level?
to me its appearing as perfect inverted head & shoulder breakout & therefore, it has signalled a bottoming out/reversal of trend.
Wave-Trader satyajitmajumdar
@satyajitmajumdar, If it is the reversal then it will go long long way to the upside. But it does not look like that price has set for reversal.
Oh_If_Only satyajitmajumdar
I believe you need a basing pattern before the HS reversal will form. To me, this is not a basing pattern - looks more like bear flag.
The AUD is a metals currency or yen/euro hedge, plus there is a nice Potential double top forming at 0.804+ area.
WT's channel is your best guide at this stage. Stay with the trend, try not to pre-empt. Plenty of value just in these moves without looking for a rainbow
Good luck
... just my 2c worth
i think AUD still strong
@oguz90tr, Yup short term up is possible
sir can u plz suggest us Sl area?
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