Holding BCC Losing Money? You can profit from it falling $$$

BITTREX:BCCBTC   Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin
We may be able to catch BCCBTC in the middle of a correction. Good to short, if your holding BCC this is the time to profit from the bearish market.

Overall BCCBTC is in a range between .0640 and .2262, the range provides plenty of safety for us for now. You will note on the chart its currently in a bearish (downward) channel which is overlaid in light blue, you can profit from this.

You will also note that every move up finished by a Large decisive Bullish bar (The bar closes near the top, circled in yellow), the market then slowly retraces the whole length of the bar or more. We have such a bar on 8th of February and a retracement that is underway but not complete.

We would sell this now at live price around 0.1435, with an initial re-buy target of .1240, and for those brave enough leave about a quarter of the trade for the bottom of the range at 0.06500. for your re-buy. If we see an unexpected turn upward to .166 this will be your stop loss close position.

Remember if you want to make Dollars your decisions have to make sense.

Please note: Buy and hold positions create a clear bias in the opinions of traders, we have seen the effects and continue to see the effects of to many people holding coins and then trying to talk up a falling coin. What I intend to do is trade it, make money from it and share my thoughts with you.

Follow to make more Dollars from trades that make Sense
交易進行: If you are getting nervous you can jump out here for around BE depending on your entry. I am going to stay in a little longer
交易進行: Nice selling bar is forming and things look good here
評論: We continue to move slowly towards our Buy back target
交易進行: You can buy this back anywhere around here. A nice little bonus for you. Keep an eye on the chart for the next big Buying bar, and we can do it again.
Lets be honest who else tipped this? Dollars and Senses, gives you the TA, and gives you the trades, thats how you make Profits listen to the DSs
交易結束:目標達成: We have now reached our target on this trade
Followers I appreciate all of your support.

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Thanks great man!
Would you say that it is still selling time? Do you expect it to fall much more?
Can you pls be specific ? I mean , nice selling bar is forming means , possibility of price reversal or fall? Than you
The retracement of the bar on the 8th of feb. is smaller then expected. Would we now wait for the resistance to break? Or would we expect a lower low again? When I look at the decreasing volume, I would expect a movement to the support line (lower-low). Am I wrong?
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