At what price level (€) will BTC go through the red ellipse ?-.2

Follow up on "At what price level ( EURO ) will BTC go through the red ellipse ?" Next Friday 7022... and than towards the Ellips \\\
Could be.

Let's see what happens.
Why one chart is 10k $ and this 3.5k € ??
Why one chart is 10k $ and this 3.5k € ??
again... its going to retrace a bit then climb up conscensus is to be in near term 9-10k, then retrace a bit and a push to 11k then nobody knows what the major whales will force BTC to go to. and to be honest, if you remove the delta course value of the euro/dollar, the graphs are exactly the same, so combine the two worlds, add some other ( asian) currencies in the mix and you will see same patterns, remove the delta and you will see the same graph.
Bleek byteminer
@byteminer, Thank you for your comment. Can you tell me what you mean with "remove the delta"? Below is my previous chart witch turns out to be much more accurate, just bullish in favour of whales (miners, exchanges, etc..) And basically you are saying this:
@Bleek, any update on the chart above vs today's situation?
Looks perfect!
but i think we will not go so low. 5660
Bleek lemosedmirf
@lemosedmirf, maybe not in one go but I think we will. In my opinion it's gonna be a downtrending year like in 2014. Hope I'm wrong cause I like it more the easy way too but...
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good job
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