BTC Identical "Pullback" Road!

In the 4h chart, I discovered a great price action!
Last roadmap from LH (Lower High) to HL (Higher Low) are identical to previous one!
In the bigger picture, we could see the big triangle pattern and the triangle bottom trendline is almost the last strong support before $6000!
Hopefully, following the previous "drop" and we find the bottom of the trendline and form HL. To completely break the downtrend then we definitely have to make HH (Higher High)
but if we break the trendline downwards then we are in a new downtrend and if we want to come out from there then it could be painful and time-consuming!
1h chart - At the moment we have break through blue trendline with very strong & powerfull candle!

15min chart - have nice bullish flag and breaskout from there but finded resistance at $7500 and now we retest flag to fly even higher!
Looks like at the moment some bullish momentum are finally here and let’s trade and find some bullish patterns!!!
To me, the whole pattern looks like the "rubber band" effect. I think price action will get tighter and tighter into the summer (as far as up and down price action). All the bearish talk out there creates more fuel for an eventual spike upwards. Alot of people believe we will never reach $20k again. When it comes to BTC, I NEVER say "never!"
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