Bitcoin Inverted Head & Shoulders Setting Up? $4,309 26Aug17

Are we seeing a start of an Inverted Head & Shoulders?

Resistance remains at around $4,440 (potential neckline)

Expecting a pullback to at least $4,000 from there we will see...

Sean Vengan
Professional Cryptocurrency Trader and Trading Educator
@SEAN_VENGAN, Looks like the second shoulder may be forming right now. From a timing perspective the distance between left shoulder and head is today equal Does this add validity to the pattern Sean? What will be the (your) trigger to conclude the pattern is valid and go long? Breaking of the neck line ordifferent? Thanks, Erwin
DIYIrrigation DIYIrrigation
I mean today the distance from the left shoulder to the head is equal to the distance of the head to the right shoulder (if it forms). Made a typo.
@DIYIrrigation, Slow progress starting to move but nobody (bulls or bears) want to take charge. Vey small range. They are both looking for a lead to decide which way we fall.
schizaar SEAN_VENGAN
@SEAN_VENGAN, Hi Sean, I appreciate your work and skills. Since BTC is kinda froze now, what do you think about LSK as an temporary alternative? It was very bullish recently and I wonder if it will consolidate for 1-2 months now as it did after after earlier rally.. Could you please share your thoughts on it?
Thanks in advance, have a nice day and.. successful trades! :)
@schizaar, Hi Schizaar, thank you for your kind words.

LSK for me is not quite a buy but it certainly has promise - good spot. I would wait for a pullback to .00108 before considering.

Hope that helps
i don't think u are TA expert, inverted h&s doesnt work in uptrend
SEAN_VENGAN MichalMatysiak
@MichalMatysiak, What complete rubbish. What you think is of no relevance to me or my trading.

You clearly can't read this is not a confirmed inverted H&S which is a bullish sign.
I've been trading these patterns for years and successfully making money.

Go back to basics and start showing your real trades rather than text book charts, as I do.

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MichalMatysiak SEAN_VENGAN
@SEAN_VENGAN, inverted h&s or h&s is trend reversal. h&s works in uptrend, inverted works in downtrend. we're still in uptrend so... inverted h&s doesnt work.
SEAN_VENGAN MichalMatysiak
@MichalMatysiak, Have you done any trading yet? i take it no.
SEAN_VENGAN MichalMatysiak
@MichalMatysiak, My actually trade based on this exact pattern made me substantial money Aug 12th 2017 "Bitcoin 100% Profit "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner", which was publicly shared.

So please share with everyone your examples that this doesn't work as you are stating or are you just guessing?

Please think before you comment.
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