Bitcoin Home Run Trade current $4320.01 7Oct17

Here i'm giving you my Bitcoin Low-Risk Very High Reward Trade R:R 7:1

We normally go for base hits but this is worth a shot.

Yes, it might get stopped out but it may also be a Home Run.

These are trades which can give your Capital a NIce Boost whilst still controlling your Risk.

You decide if you wish to take it or not. If you take it and its a winner I will send you my Bitcoin address

Sean Vengan
Professional Trader and Trading Educator

1. If you don't agree with my views or analysis and looking to just be mischievous, it's very simple, FOLLOW SOMEONE ELSE
2. I am not here to give you financial advice and if you take a trade it is YOUR FULL RESPONSIBILITY, not mine.
3. I am not your Professional Trading Mentor or here to provide you with a Free Professional Trading Advisory Service.
4. I am not obliged to provide analysis, commentary or answer any of your questions. I am here to trade for my sole benefit, not for your benefit.
5. I am a paid member, not a free member, so I am on Trading Views to use their paid services. My presence on TV is not to provide you with analysis.
6. I am happy to help you in your trading if I choose to and I feel you are being courtesy. It is my free choice to answer you, I am not obliged to.
7. If I provide and give up MY VALUABLE TIME providing analysis to you please respect that I am providing it FREE of charge. Appreciate it and don't take it for granted.
8. If you comment to me, simply be courteous and we can show each other mutual respect. If you are rude or disrespectful I will ignore you or send you a curt reply.
9. If you are abusive I will report you and will leave it to the moderators to decide if you should be banned.
10. If you don't like my views eg If I think Bitcoin is going up and you think it is going down, then please do not abuse me just for having opposing view to you. Show us all your analysis, don't hide behind rude comments and alias name. Lack of analysis shows lack of knowledge and experience.
11. I have no issue with you expressing your opinion or disagreeing with my views but please DON'T DISRESPECT me or other traders or write personal comments, this is offensive.
12. I have over 10years+ solid Trading Experience. I do not need to justify myself to you my knowledge and experience, my analysis and commentary demonstrate my skills and expertise.
評論: I find it interesting to hear from traders:

Traders are NERVOUS when the markets are going down expecting a CRASH to <$2500

Traders are NERVOUS when they are in profit and fearful its going to turn round any minute.

Question: Why are you a bundle of NERVES when you have PRE-DEFINED your loss as I hand on a plate to you on EVERY trade

When you are in good profit trail your stop loss to break-even so what have you got to lose - nothing. It's a free trade.

I have given you a specific Plan. Be disciplined to stick to the Plan.
This is the only way you can make serious money in trading.

Yet it is just a handful of people who can handle their EMOTIONS.

90%+ traders are driven purely by EMOTIONS with no Plan and even when they do have one (which I have given you) they won't stick to it.
評論: 6 out 6 of the trades I publicly posted in advance are now in PROFIT:

1. Bitcoin,
2. NEO
3. Mnero
4. Ripple
5. Litecoin
6. Ethereum.

All 6 trades are WINNERS and now need to be Managed.

That doesn't include my Aussie$ and Gold trades, also winners
@SEAN_VENGAN .Sir, as BTC has broken the resistance I am still holding USD because I close the trade as per previous analysis.What do you expect from BTC next. Please analyze and tell us. We 'll be thankful
@SEAN_VENGAN Awesome call. What did you see that signaled this winner?
SEAN_VENGAN xslipstream
@xslipstream, I would need to teach you that @xslipstream
DEar @SEAN_VENGAN, Thank you for your advice and serving those trades on a (silver/gold) platter.
I was in for XRP and BTC (small portion) and am very happy I made the right decision.
Because we can get EMOTIONAL, I was wondering if you were doing any kind of meditation?
My position is small so this only made me $5... but that's $5 I didn't have before! Please keep posting, any other resources you recommend (books websites or other investors with good advice)?
And I thought I was the only one thinking LONG!!
The last 10 days in summary of my trade action:
9/27 - Initiated position at 4200
10/02 - closed position a bit below 4400
10/05 - initiated position at 4150 (GDAX prices - caught a lucky break that I stayed awake that late)

Haven’t taken profit yet today. I think this will push up and try the 4650 resistance level. Either way I have tight tight stops and constantly monitoring. Tonight shall get interesting. Glad to see that you’re still aiming for your second target. Would you not take profit on that if it tries to cross 4700? Thanks for sharing as always.

@SEAN_VENGAN Applause for mr. Vengan! Also did collect my profit.

It was interresting to see (GDAX) how it bounced down from 3880 EUR, that is roughly 4550 USD. I was watching the price closely, it was amaizing how orders are grouped around round numbers, was watching how it broke 3850, 3860, 3870. There was about 10-12 BTC for sell at 3850, when this was sold the price just almost instantly jumped to 3860 and from looking at the order book it seemed it would break 3880, but buying just stopped and selling started. From then, price bouncef back two or even three times from 3880 EUR (on GDAX).
@SEAN_VENGAN SALUTE SIR !!!!! Thank you for everything I already took my profits :)
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@anson1off, Excellent well done. Good trading @anson1off
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