Christmas bonus, Bitcoin, Global FOMO, and Alt season

Its the last Friday of the month and many people get paid today, end of month. For example, i just paid my cleaner and i gave her a Christmas bonus. Imagine this happening all over the world,
I noticed that bitcoin is traveling up the steady growth channel.

If it breaks up 15500 it will go and up and alts are probably drop down their gains from today. If BTC crosses up of the red lines it should start moving up again, then may return to its parabolic move.
If it breaks down we could see more downward action and expect to buy around 10K. However if you are in Bitcoin , and don' have many, don't sort it. Way too dangerous. Only if you are looking for an entry point ad in fiat you you risk seeing where this goes.
It it just goes sideway ALTs will continue to rise.

I also noticed that Total Market CAP has gone up 60B today with not much action in BTC , this is due to Ripple and other alts rallies.
Let's play this one by ear

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