Another day and BTC is still trying to make up its mind. Here is what I am currently following in the mid to long-term graph. I have found the 3D chart to be a great indicator of what BTC is up to.

Price is currently at its lowest point since the end of November, when all the media and retail money was flowing in from Holiday trends as well as the lead up to futures launch in America which likely lead to a lot of whales and institutional buying in order to hedge/short the futures contracts.

RSI and SRSI Bull Divergence: Price is currently making a higher low and the oscillators are making lower lows. The SRSI is massively oversold, levels not seen since August 1, 2016. The divergence signals that selling is strong however it is still unable to push price down to where it previously was before...showing that HODLers have a strong hold on the market and when buying ramps up again then price will follow.

Ichi: Nothing is bearish here but watch the Kijun (white line). Cloud is green, price is above cloud, Tenkan is above Kijun and lagging span is above price as well as price. What to watch here is the Kijun bounce. Price is currently on the Kijun and the Kijun often acts as a support zone in a bullish trend or a resistance zone in a bearish trend . We would like to see BTC close above the Kijun, so at close tomorrow on this 3 day candle we would like to ultimately see a green candle close above 11,150.

EMA: 48EMA/50EMA acts the same as the 150EMA on the daily chart and has shown to be a great support level for BTC during this upward trend. EMA currently sits at about 10k so a close below that would be worrisome, we are not there yet.

Volume: The lack of buying volume is what is worrisome. Since the run-up buying has been exhausted and we may not see it come back for awhile. My hope is BTC can consolidate for awhile until Lightning Network release as well as more money coming in via more adoption. In the consolidation alts season would be lovely.

BTC is in a position where it truly could go either way, but history would show it recovers and blasts to new all time highs after periods like this. I am neither bullish nor bearish right now. Long-term, extremely bullish .
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