BITCOIN - $5,000 / $20,000 Trade Opportunities

Currency Pair: BTC .USD
Time Frame: Weekly, Daily & 4hr
Predicted Direction: Short

Live BTC .USD updates will be available in the comments section below.

The brief trade analysis presented above is my predicted direction and requires multiple different indicators and confluence factors prior to validating a trade opportunity.
評論: Should you be looking short i would also consider awaiting a break of the $8777 level given the 4hr TF minor 4hr 50EMA and ascending trendline support.
評論: Additional harmonic structure to consider when identifying reversal areas.

評論: Keep an eye on the Daily timeframe over the weekend, should we break the $11,300 level it's likely we will see a quick acceleration towards $14,000
評論: Given the 4hr 50EMA and ascending trendline support, should price break and close below $9400 i see a short opportunity.
評論: 4hr double top forming at descending trendline resistance, still nothing to trade on this setup given the structure in both directions.
Can you please update this
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This rebound has been so confusing to trade! Am I the Dumb money investor if im sitting out and don't believe that were in a bull market yet? Tom, thank you for helping us make since of this market.. Need ur updates : ) u da best
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RcRob83 PipMiesterStronger
@PipMiesterStronger, Hi, @TomHall is awesome but in this scenario, I would make a few good trades but back out slowly when it dips.
Good deal of market manipulation occurring. The big kids want $.... So they have to spend it to make it and catch a few fish while there at it. Once they have their fill they will sell off. Confusing and frustrating millions of people.

Hope I'm wrong, just my opinion not a TA of any sort.

Would love to cash out like the fat cats, lol. :D
Have a good day!
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hi @TomHall, now that we have passed the 11.3k point do you think we are long till 14k?
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any update tom? :-)
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I have always followed @TomHall idea. Humble approach and accurate TA.

Thank you very much.
Do you mind checking out my latest update on my idea and see what you may think about it? Thanks!

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thanks for update.
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SamTaheri SamTaheri
plzz open telegram channel and also update us there. for fast notifications.
How do you know it will double top?
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