BTC 15 min Education Run chart only.....

I wanted to throw some lines up see where it's heading against the lines I created. Replay this for education/forecasting.
Every time i do a 15 min chart lol it ends up going wrong, to volatile would be nice to see a strategy that works
well at low 15min time frames,But i use it for watch for change in trend then wait confirmation and much longer
time frames.
Quartz4ever chase4fun2018
@chase4fun2018, I do it for fun, I do it cause I just like it, I've done charting for many years. I enjoy the 15 min Div charting the best, it's like steering a wild animal.
chase4fun2018 Quartz4ever
@Quartz4ever, ahahah you are right there mate, from what i have experienced on the 15 min chart but hey
if you can get in and out fast and see an indication on the 15 min chart you can always confirm it on the
longer term charts that's what i do.
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Quartz4ever chase4fun2018