Made this a couple days ago, but I wasn't sure if it was good. I think it's our most logical route now. We should see another price pump up to the 6050-6200 area. Afterwards should be a healthy correction. We already hit our 5500 target so we should be on our way to 6050-6200 target.

However, the consensus around here seems to be that the 3rd wave is over and this would be our 5th wave, but I think we are about to finish the 3rd wave, correct, then go to around 6400 area for the final 5th wave. This prediction is far into the future however, so I'm very skeptical about this idea and you should be too. Just food for thought!

交易進行: Target reached. Next target: 6150
評論: If she breaks below 5430 she’s heading towards 5100
評論: 4900-5100 is critical support
This is short term. 15 minute candlesticks, looks like she should be going down.

touched 23.5, bounced
評論: Almost hit 5100, but didn't which is good because that shows that it doesn't want to reach that critical support just yet. Good bullish sign and we are heading up! RSI shows good room for growth. I think our first target is going to be about 6150. Second target is 6400 if it breaks past 6150.
評論: Broke psychological price of 6000
評論: Okay so we got to the 6150 target area and had a nice big dump. It’s possible we are entering a long corrective wave now. Stay tuned, I need to see where the market goes for now to see. If she ends up going above 6200 then we would head for 6400, but for now She’s going down, so we shall we where the market sentiment takes us.
評論: So we shall see where the market takes us.*
評論: Alright, if she breaks below 5740, she’s going down. If not, then the correction is finished and we’re headed to 6400
評論: Y’all better be selling. We’re entering a larger correction now.
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