Good morning traders,

After yesterday's positive feedback on the The Bitcoin Breakout video i wanted to keep you updated on what i am seeing into today / tomorrow.

As always thank you for the continued support.

Tom :-)
評論: Many have contacted me for a closer view of the H&S formation on the 1hr TF due to the screen being a little small.

I have attached below.
評論: Video posted on the 11th December 2017

評論: Text setup analysis posted on the 10th December 2017

評論: Live BTC.USD Setup.

評論: Trade Update Above:
Price approaching take profit, trailing stop loss is now advised.
評論: Video Trade Update.

Tomhall do you see the future ?
TomHall Sampro13
@Sampro13, I have my crystal ball :-)
It's simply about probability, there are certain levels that price is attracted to and has to break eventually.
TomHall Walentine
@Walentine, Nice setup and trade :-)
Thank you, good job.. great analysis :)
+1 回覆
TomHall Coin_Future
@Coin_Future, Thanks very much for the message.
Thanks you...
+1 回覆
@polace, No problem at all :-)
Thanks for seeing patterns I would not have caught. Great educational analysis
+1 回覆
TomHall bambam320
@bambam320, Glad you hear it has helped.
Have a great day.
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