[BTC/USD] Last Ditch of BTC Price 比特幣的終極保衛戰

Last week (9/3-9/9) BTC price experienced a huge decline, due to too many negative news was released. Observed from the weekly price trend, the highest point of each wave is getting lower and lower and simultaneously the trading volume does not decrease. This means some bullish investors might have lost confidence. Besides, the price formation has become a triangle. The support point still locates on 5800, which is the last ditch for BTC price. If the support is broken, the next support point will be 4000. Then it will have negative influence on BTC price. Thus, the next two weeks will be a key moment to keep an eye on.

1. 本周(9/3-9/9) 受到眾多負面消息影響,比特幣價格大跌許多,就週線線型而言,高點越來越低,但成交量卻沒有縮減,量價沒有配合,多方信心有鬆動的跡象,對於未來發展並不是一件好事。
2. 週線線型而言,儼然成為三角旗型,兩周內發展是關鍵,支撐位置在5800,如果5800跌破,將使線型完全轉空,直到4000才會有另一個支撐。