The story about a sufferer. The final price.

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The story about a sufferer who hasn’t become a millionaire in the end.

V. P.
The story about Satoshi who made of a wealthy man, two enthusiasts, who became instantly visited in millionaires, and one patience.

In one room lived programmer Satoshi. Satoshi came up with a bitcoin , and wrote the system code. Satoshi made his code open and provided an opportunity for everyone who was not smart enough or didn’t want to use own mind to write routine code and create own cryptocurrency.

In addition, before rolling out his code into open world production Satoshi decided to make an experiment in an isolated room. He invited into this room two persons: Charlie Lee and well known now Vitalik. They came to Satoshi with beer and everybody created own system. One of them created Litecoin. He decided no sense to work hard simply took bitcoin code changed couple of options and started drinking beer and enjoying life. Vitalik was a geek and made code without beer. He created code smarter than Satoshi's code, but it does not matter for now.

Then they dispersed around the room with their laptops and started mining own coins. Satoshi mined 100 bitcoins . Charlie mined 100 litecoins. Vitalik mined 1000 etherium.

During the annoying mining process Vitalik decided to drink some beer with elder guys and headed to them. They were chatting about chicks. Chicks were not interesting for Vitalik, he lost interest to the discussion and started to play DotA . Teens from DotA snatched coins he had mined. In the morning with a hangover Vitalik recognised that something went wrong and made a hard fork.

Beer was over. The were no fiat money in the room but there were a lot of people with real bucks outside.

Crypto-enthusiasts invited one guy into the room and told him that bitcoin , litecoin and ether would be a new money and bucks would be just a paper. Guy was impressed by that news, sold his old Ford, took a loan and returned back to the room with 13 000 USD.

Great cryptocurrency trading begun.

Guy bought from Satoshi 1 bitcoin for 13 000$ and Satoshi’s balance became 13 000$ and 99 bitcoins with a CAPE at 1 287 000$. So, when pauper Satoshi sold only one bitcoin for 13 000$ he suddenly became a millionaire with a fortune 1 300 000$.

Then Satoshi bought from Charlie 10 litecoins for one bitcoin and it meant that 1 litecoin equivalent was defined as 1 300$. At that moment pauper Charlie became a millionaire with a fortune 1 300 000$ (990 litecoins*1 300$ + 1 bitcoin for 13 000$). Then it was time to make from pauper geek Vitalik millionaire too. They bought from Vitalik 1 ether for 1 litecoin and Vitalik got his 1 300 000$!!!

Satoshi realised that if he wants to save his real 13 000$ and stay do not get been beaten and fucked out by his friends make sense to hide bucks in his secret apartment at Chicago Futures Street 666.

So, finally we got one crypto millionaire with equivalent 1,3kk-13k$ out of the room, two crypto millionaires with total equivalent 2*1,3kk$ and one loser with 1 bitcoin for 13k$. who was still not realised that he became a loser.

At the time after loser entered the room, total capitalisation was 13 000$ until the first deal happened. After three deals total capitalisation became 3 913 000 USD. Right after Satoshi left the room with 13 000 $ he earned for 1 bitcoin , total capitalisation within the room became 3 900 000 $ with no one real buck. Only the same 100 bitcoins , 100 litecoins and 1000 ethers they had before the loser entered the room.

So now, I would like you to answer the following questions:

1. What will be the final price of the deal in that room if loser puts his single bitcoin on the market for USD?

After answering first question, answer the second one, please:

What will be the total capitalization of the crypto currency in the room at that particular time?
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