BTCUSD: Forget the ClickBait Title...Cut and Dry here.

Hey everyone...Hope you're all doing good and you're feeling great. Yeah, market is acting weird, and lots of these trading view ideas don't help. What I mean by that, is they're very stressful, extremely bearish , or extremely bullish and huge hype behind it. I believe we are bullish for quite some time...probably the next two weeks I would say with certainty. The price labels are the target price areas...they're in the general area..not specifically those prices. This is the daily chart ...sit back, relax and watch it. This is all exciting...don't forget that you are in the making of HISTORY. Don't get caught up in just the money...if you're young like me, you missed getting in on the Stock Market when it first came out. This is all new and exciting! Study hard to be a part of it.

As far as my opinion goes...we're bullish . Cut and dry. I have no idea of the exact gains. No idea of the potentials. I don't want to give any wrong ideas (in terms of % gains).

The intraday fluctuations do not matter. Two weeks time. Then that should decide if we are bullish . I think we are.

Enjoy this chart for your own studying. This is going to showcase at least a month's worth of time. I won't be changing the chart...probably just adding if really cool things happen...other than that, I look at this chart every few days like once or twice and I will know where we are going.

Happy of luck...and STAY positive. Life is great. :)
評論: It has been two weeks time and of course we are entering an interesting aspect in the market. Notice that the blue resistance line has been tested time and time again....

We must wait longer.
評論: Not bullish. Consolidating.
評論: wrecked.
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