BTC important levels

Here are my support & resistance levels for the coming days.
If BTC falls under the first trendline , I expect a drop or multi-day sideways movement.
If it holds, to the moon we go.
評論: Another important level is, of course, a psycho-level 14000$.
評論: Ahh, we broke it :(
Next support is 12730$
評論: Aaaaand, we didn't drop after all! Maybe it's too early to call the moon though.
評論: Nice bounce from 12730$
評論: This is steep, if it doesn't hold, next support is 11900 :o
評論: bounce from 11900?
評論: Well, support is broken, but the last bounce looks real so far... Daily RSI almost reached the buy zone!
評論: And volume, look at the freaking volume!
評論: Holy shit... Next support is Vegeta, then 8800... Fuck me!
評論: We're alive. Looks like it's building support at 10k
評論: support my ass...
評論: Nice, 8800 bounced
評論: I'm out of support levels!
評論: It was a tough HODL.
評論: Look like those levels still work!
tnx my dear freind
What does Vegeta mean?
MutexLock userbeauty
@userbeauty, the "IT'S OVER 9000" meme
hi dude /likeeeeeeeeeeeee
+1 回覆
Bottom line of triangle could be too steep
+1 回覆
MutexLock TStolpe29
@TStolpe29, maybe! But it took a while to break it down.
TStolpe29 MutexLock
@MutexLock, just saying I could re-align it where it currently is dipping below your triangle and have it still be acceptable. Meaning still to soon to make a call
+2 回覆
MutexLock TStolpe29
@TStolpe29, makes sense! But ideas are immutable :D
MutexLock TStolpe29
@TStolpe29, you were right sir, hands down
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