Good News ! Why Mistake ? Consensus Conference - 2018

Hi, Trading View - Welcome Followers and Visitors,

How nice is to be aware of a good news, before everybody else, and invest in it before goes moon with 100% accuracy?

So, Good News ? How could it Go Wrong ?

Well, that is not so easy as it seems.

Example of Good News:

The Initial public offering of Facebook , on May 18, opened on $38 and on August 20, it dropped to $20, even though banks and investment advisors told all around the opposite.



Market is never so easy, but always creative constantly coming up with new moves, and surprises for those who think it is easy.

Don't Trust Good News or Bad News to trade, but the Market Flow.

The Consensus Conference - 2018 is ongoing - What Now for BTCUSD / BTCUSDT / BTC ?


Good News or Bad News?
Bitcoin is it still going Moon? What do you think?

For MORE INFORMATION check Related Charts below.

Feel free to: comment, suggest better ideas, ask questions inbox, help me improve, post a better chart on the comment, Give A Like and Follow.

STOP LOSS is something everybody should use, everything is possible in this market. But, that's a responsibility a person should have with their money, I don't have the influence on that.

I strongly advise, you to use a stop loss. In this crazy world everything is possible, even a sudden going to 0.

Ex: If there is a world war.

So, try to catch the waves, but with a secure area, and limit your risks, considering what you can afford.


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交易結束:目標達成: Hi, Followers and Visitors,

Well, Consensus Conference - 2018 is Over,
Nothing really happened. Never trust good news or bad news, but the market flow.

Ready for the big move?

Thank you for trusting

The Moving Water
So what is your expectation ???
lemosedmirf joperjorge1
+2 回覆
joperjorge1 lemosedmirf
@lemosedmirf, Thanks!
Bro, I was surprised that it didn't cross 9k in mid of this Consensus Conference - 2018. We discussed about it 2 days back and you were confident it will not touch 9k. Hats off
+1 回覆
lemosedmirf rashmi_kamaldeep_ico
@rashmi_kamaldeep_ico, thank you for your comment.

Yes, It did not touch it. I did say it.

Where did you discussed? Any good forum?

Thank you for following.

eyes on the next target.

Good luck and good profit

@lemosedmirf, Bro sorry looks like it was not clear. We both only discussed about it two days back in one of your other ideas where you have given the targets :)
rashmi_kamaldeep_ico rashmi_kamaldeep_ico
@lemosedmirf, honestly I havent seen any other forum who has given such accurate targets. If you know any good forum which you follow please do let me know. And are you in twitter? I am not able to find you.
lemosedmirf rashmi_kamaldeep_ico
@rashmi_kamaldeep_ico, hi rashmi

It is very nice to know that the quality of target are helping. I keep improving The Moving Water. I still don't have a forum, signals, and a twitter. Since a lot of people are asking for it, we are getting ready for all this.

Stay Tuned.

Thank you for following.

Good luck and Good profit.
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The optimist would say that it’s good news either way. If we go down, we get to buy cheaper bitcoin. If it goes up, our bitcoin becomes more valuable.

The only bad news is if it goes down and it stays down.
@TheGush, thank you for your comment.

thank you for sharing.

Good luck and good profit
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